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With AI integration, we aim to simplify technology and enhance productivity: Logitech’s Anand Lakshmanan

Logitech is empowering organisations and professionals with virtual collaboration through innovative, AI-driven solutions.

“Our focus on solving real-life challenges with user-friendly solutions has resonated well with consumers,” said Anand Lakshmanan, Head of B2B, Logitech India. In an exclusive interaction with, the Logitech executive shared the company’s vision and the rising significance of AI.

During the conversation, Lakshmanan touched upon contemporary themes in the corporate sector such as the transition from office to working from home, and, eventually, hybrid work. He highlighted the significance of computer peripherals in the post-pandemic era.

Lakshmanan’s journey with Logitech began as the company recognised the need to diversify its offerings beyond the consumer market, leading to its entry into the enterprise sector around 2018. The onset of COVID-19 accelerated the demand for remote collaboration tools, marking a significant pivot towards the enterprise segment on a global scale, with Lakshmanan joining in 2021 to lead these efforts in India.

“While there have been hurdles along the way, such as ensuring seamless integration and addressing user-specific requirements, our commitment to delivering value-driven innovations has driven widespread adoption and satisfaction among our customers,” said Lakshmanan.

Move to hybrid work

For companies like Logitech, the transition from remote to hybrid work has been a key moment. According to Lakshmanan, Indian organisations have been slower in adapting to the hybrid model, however, it has become the norm of the day. “With challenges like commuting and the nation’s rapid economic growth, leveraging technology for collaboration is imperative. Video conferencing has emerged as a key tool, bridging the gap between in-person meetings and remote work,” he said.

One of the key challenges Logitech has addressed is the prevalent camera shyness among individuals, a barrier to the widespread adoption of video communication. Anand Lakshmanan explained Logitech’s strategy, “Initially, we recognised that bandwidth consumption and audio-visual quality were primary worries for potential video users. To address these concerns, we ensured that our products deliver high-quality audio and video even on mobile data networks, including 4G, where 5G isn’t available yet.”

Changing video communication through AI

Just like any other technology firm, Logitech’s product portfolio too is offering AI-back solutions like intelligent framing, and AI-driven low-light optimisation. These innovations have been introduced to enhance user experience and streamline the meeting setup process.

According to Lakshmanan, the positive consumer response to these AI-driven solutions signifies a big change in meeting room setups, simplifying what was once a complex process. “Our objective with AI integration is to simplify technology usage, allowing users to focus on productive meetings rather than technical complexities. As we look ahead, AI will continue to play a vital role in enhancing our product offerings, with exciting innovations on the horizon.”

Trends among Indian consumers

Discussing the unique trends among Indian consumers, Lakshmanan pointed out their discerning nature, with expectations spanning budget, experience, and timeline. “Indian consumers demand cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions with robust post-deployment support,” he said, adding that Logitech’s engagement with customers plays a vital role in shaping its product roadmap as features are developed based on insights from customer interactions.

Lakishmanan also highlighted the importance of customer feedback in Logitech’s decision-making process for future products. “Feedback from customers is integral to our product development process.” This proactive engagement allows Logitech to iteratively enhance its offerings based on real-world usage and customer insights.

With a customer-centric philosophy and a dedication to simplifying technology, Lakshmanan believes that Logitech is poised to continue shaping the future of work, empowering organisations and individuals to collaborate with ease in the hybrid era.

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