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Oppo India launches self-help assistant to help customers fix issues themselves

Oppo is introducing a self-help assistant on its website and apps, aimed at helping customers resolve some issues without going to a service center.

Oppo on Wednesday announced that it is launching its Self-Help Assistant digital service aimed at letting consumers resolve smartphone issues by themselves without visiting service centres. The announcement comes ahead of World Consumer Rights Day on Friday.

“Indian consumer are very tech-savvy, and this portal provides users with all the information they would need to troubleshoot their OPPO smartphones without making a trip to the service centre. With the Self-Help Assistant, OPPO makes things simpler for consumers; this initiative is about empowering them and enhancing their experience of owning an OPPO device,” said Savio D’Souza, Director of Product Communications at OPPO India, in a press statement.

The Self-Help Assistant can be accessed on the company’s website or on its app by navigating to the Support tab. After opening the assistant, users will need to select their device from the interface. After that, they can choose between simulations and troubleshooting options that are displayed on the left side. Users can also check the complete specifications of their device with the button on the top right.

The Simulations section is designed to help users explore and understand their phones’ features with digital step-by-step guides. You can just type queries into a search box or select options from the menu.

The Troubleshooting section is aimed at helping users solve their issues with data, networking, device support. The section takes user feedback in the form of thumbs-ups (like) or thumbs-downs (dislike) depending on whether their issue was resolved or not. In case it is not resolved, they can enter their contact information. And Oppo says a customer support representative will contact the user at that point.

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