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MWC 2024: After Motorola, Samsung demos its bendable phone prototype

Samsung’s bendable phone features a flexible OLED screen and can be worn on the wrist without having to wear a wrist band.

At the Mobile World Congress 2024, Samsung showcased its very own prototype phone that can be worn on the wrist. Named ‘OLED Cling Band’, the bendable phone offers a glimpse of how the new form factor would look like.

Similar to Motorola’s bendable wrist phone, the OLED Cling Band has a 6.9-inch screen but does not require users to wear a magnetic band. Another resemblance between the two is that the user interface automatically adjusts to how much the phone is bent, meaning you will always have access to the entire UI no matter how you fold it.

However, unlike Motorola’s concept, the OLED Cling Band sports a camera on the back and has a loudspeaker and USB Type-C port on the bottom. When you bend the phone and wear it on your wrist, the rear heart rate sensor comes in contact with your wrist, meaning it can also double up as a fitness band.

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But since you won’t be wearing the phone on your wrist at all times, the fitness tracking features don’t make much sense since the device will be able to record only partial health metrics. Also, it will be really difficult to sleep with a huge smartphone on the wrist.

While the idea of wearing a smartphone on your wrist can be tempting at first, the idea is currently impractical as repeatedly bending the phone might result in small cracks on the flexible screen. Also, wearing a phone on your wrist can be uncomfortable in the long run, since it is heavier than the heaviest smartwatches you can find on the internet.

The Samsung OLED Cling Band shows how far display technology has evolved in the last few years, but the phone is likely to remain a proof of concept for the next few years.

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