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Microsoft Copilot will soon be able to summarise and analyse files

Microsoft is testing a new Copilot feature that will allow users to upload files to the AI chatbot so it can summarise or analyse them.

Microsoft is testing a new Copilot feature that enables the AI-powered chatbot to analyse and summarise files. The new functionality makes it easy for users to share files with the chatbot.

First spotted by the known tinkerer Leopeva64 on X, the new update to Copilot adds a new ‘Add a file’ button that allows users to share files directly from their local machines, following which the chatbot can read the contents of the file and answer queries specific to that data.

Apart from summarising data, the AI-powered assistant can also help you find a specific piece of data and even ask for more information about the topic. Ever since OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT, people have been using chatbots to summarise and understand a large amount of data without having to manually go through it.

It is now possible to add files to the Windows Copilot chat box, you can use the “Add a file” button or just drag and drop the file:

— Leopeva64 (@Leopeva64) February 29, 2024

While this may not be useful for people who don’t feed the chatbot with documents, it is really handy for those dealing with a large amount of data. It looks like the ability to analyse and summarise data using Copilot is currently available on the Canary version of Microsoft Edge, but there is no information on when it will be available to everyone.

Microsoft has been constantly adding and testing new Copilot features since its launch last year. When Copilot turned one earlier this month, the tech giant announced that the chatbot can now edit AI images generated using Designer.


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