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Microsoft Copilot users can now access GPT-4 Turbo for free

OpenAI’s most advanced language model, GPT-4 Turbo, is now available for free via Microsoft Copilot.

Microsoft has extended access to GPT-4 Turbo for every Copilot user, which was previously limited to Pro users. Company executive Mikhail Parakhin recently confirmed this via a post on X and wrote, “After quite some work, GPT4-Turbo replaced GPT-4 in the Copilot free tier. Pro users can still choose the older model if they prefer (there is a toggle).”

With this development, those who use the free tier of Copilot on Windows PCs or on smartphones (both Android and iOS) can access OpenAI’s most capable language model by selecting the conversation style as creative or precise. Copilot Pro users have the option to switch back to GPT-4 using the toggle.

GPT-4 Turbo is the most capable large language model by OpenAI, which supports enhanced multimodal functionality along with larger context windows. It is also cheaper to run compared to GPT-4. It was first announced back in November 2023 with new capabilities like knowledge up to April 2023, functional calling updates, and JASON mode for improved coding capability. It can accept up to more than 300 pages of text prompt (128k context window).

As it is three times cheaper for input tokens and two times cheaper for output tokens, it makes sense for Microsoft to offer the latest model, which costs a lot less to run and also offers better features and experience to end-users.

Microsoft Copilot Pro currently costs $20 (Rs 2,000) a month, offering priority access to GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo (minimal downtime compared to the free tier). It can also generate images and answer questions faster. For users with Microsoft 365 subscriptions, Copilot Pro can add AI capabilities to services like Word, Excel, and Outlook.

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