Chitra started her career as a VJ and later made her acting debut as a serial actress and also in cinema.

Chitra, who played the role of Mullai in the Pandian Stores series aired on Vijay TV, was in the minds of the entire Tamil people.

Under such circumstances, the sudden death of VJ Chitra in a hotel room in December 2020 came as a shock to many.

Mysterious death?

Chitra had got engaged to Hemnath before her death. But it was only after his death that information came out that she was not just engaged but already married to Hemnath. Similarly, Chitra’s family and friends have reported that Chitra was mentally strong.

Vj chitra husband hemnath about shocking truth

Persistent confusion ..

Thus, the suspicion of Chitra’s death was high. Chitra’s husband Hemnath was also questioned and a confession was obtained in this regard. Many questions remain as to why Chitra took such a decision, and whether there was anyone behind her death.

Sensational information released by Hemnath

In this case, the information that her husband Hemnath has now released, has caused a great stir. Hemnath said that some mafia gangs were involved in Chitra’s death and that his life was now in danger.

Vj chitra husband hemnath about shocking truth

Hemnath has stayed elsewhere for safety rather than staying at his home as his life is in danger. Hemnath also said that he would stay alive and fight until the truth is known, until those responsible for Chitra’s death are punished.

Questioning fans

Hemnath also mentioned that if there was any danger to my life, I would say out loud the last things Chitra told him. Almost a year and a half later, many are questioning why Hemnath did not mention this at the outset.

Vj chitra husband hemnath about shocking truth

Hemnath’s suspicion that Chitra’s death was linked to another gang, which initially aroused suspicion, has come as a shock to many.


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