Ranveer Singh’s dad Jugjeet Singh Bhavnani inspired him to take up a father’s role in Jayeshbhai Jordaar

Ranveer Singh shares his dad’s dedication towards his family inspired him to take up the role of a father in the movie.

The fans of Bollywood star Ranveer Singh are very excited about the release of his upcoming flick, Jayeshbhai Jordaar. In the movie, he will be playing a role which is very different from any other role he has played in the past. Jayeshbhai Jordaar is a big-screen family entertainer that will present a new brand of hero and heroism that is rare in Indian cinema. Ranveer is celebrating the girl child in the film and plays a sharp-witted Gujarati man who stands up for his unborn baby girl and takes on his family which is representative of the patriarchal society that we live in.

Talking about playing a father in the movie, he shared that he loved playing the role on-screen. He shared that his father, Jugjeet Singh Bhavnani, was his inspiration to pull off this character. The actor’s father was a pillar of strength to Ranveer and his entire family through several trying times and Ranveer channelised his father’s calm, protective personality to become Jayeshbhai on screen.

Bajirao Mastani actor shared, “I borrowed a lot from that aspect of my life, from observing the way my father was with us as a family. It’s like we were the only thing that mattered to him, from his waking moment to the time he slept, his only purpose was to give us a better life, was to be the best protector and provider that he could possibly be; to be the best family man that he could possibly be, to do everything in his power, no matter how much it took from him – physically, mentally, emotionally – he would pour everything in the endeavour of giving us a better life which is the premise of Jayeshbhai’s journey as well.”

Sharing details of his role, the actor said, “Jayeshbhai is trying to protect his family at any and all costs and I have seen my father go through many adversities relentlessly, doggedly keep going to fight those adversities, overcome those obstacles so that he can give us a better life, so that he can protect us, so that no matter what he is going through, or the challenges that he is facing – to never let that come onto us; shielding us from the difficulties of life. I have seen it first hand and I understood it even then but I have a much, much deeper appreciation for it now.”

Ranveer further says, “In retrospect when I think back, having become a man myself now, I can understand at a deeper level how difficult it must have been and how demanding it must have been and how much it must have taken from him. So, it is through playing Jayeshbhai that I now have a much deeper appreciation for everything that my father did for me.”

A hilarious satire on society – Jayeshbhai Jordaar, produced by Maneesh Sharma, also stars Arjun Reddy famed Shalini Pandey. She will debuts on Bollywood’s big screen opposite Ranveer Singh. The film has been directed by debutant Divyang Thakkar and is releasing worldwide on May 13, 2022.


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