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Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ spotted: Here’s what it offers

Google is offering its own app which will let iOS users ‘Switch to Android’ as the name states.

Apple has offered a ‘Move to iOS’ app for while now, and the app as the name suggests lets any Android user make an easy switch to iOS. Now, it looks like Google is offering its own app which will let iOS users ‘Switch to Android’ as the name states. The app, which has been reportedly in the making for some time now, is available as an unlisted link on the App Store.

This means that if you search for ‘Switch to Android’ you will not find the link, reports 9to5Google, which first found the app. However, a direct link is available for the app for those who wish to download it. We were able to download it from the link as well, which can be accessed here (

9to5Google had reported last year that Google was working on such an app, and it looks like the soft launch has taken place now. We will have to wait and see when Google decides to do the full release. We also managed to download the app on iPhone 12 Pro Max.

When you open the app, it states a user will be able to securely move all photos, videos and contacts to their Android device. Users have to accept the terms and service before moving forward. Users then have to scan the QR code which the Android phone should show during setup. Currently that’s not an option on Android. However, based on the screenshots posted on the App Store, it looks like the next step in the setup lets users choose which data they want transferred.

The options range include Contact, Calendar Events, Photos and Videos. It should be noted that only photos saved locally on your iPhone will be copied over to the new Android phone. Media which is saved on iCloud, which is mostly the case for a majority of iOS users, are copied later and instructions for those are separate.

The app also reminds users to turn of iMessage once they shift to Android and turn on Text messages. Step four in the screenshot shows how users can copy their iCloud photos and videos to Google Photos by issuing a transfer request and then following instructions.

It is likely that once the app launches officially, Google will share more details about the process will work.


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