BTS’ Jimin & Ha Sung Woon’s OST ‘With You’ for ‘Our Blues’ breaks record held by ‘Dynamite’ on iTunes

BTS’ Jimin’s latest OST has been released and it has already begun breaking records!

On April 24, YAMYAM Entertainment unveiled the awaited OST video of BTS’ Jimin and Ha Sung Woon and the world has already become enamored by their beautiful voices as well as the sweet message of ‘I want to be with you, no matter what.’ Jimin’s sweet tone and Ha Sung Woon’s charming voice stand out. 

On April 25, however, iTunes announced that the OST ‘With You’ topped the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 100 countries within 4 hours and 44 minutes of its release. This is a record that was cut by half the world record of 8 hours set by BTS’ global hit song ‘Dynamite‘. It is also the shortest record in OST history and the shortest record as a Korean solo singer.

It is also gaining popularity on Melon, the largest music site in Korea. Unlike most singers’ sound sources, which are usually released at 6 pm Korean time, the song debuted at 7th place on the ‘Top 100’ chart even though it was released at 11 pm KST after the drama ended. 

This is Jimin’s first OST while Ha Sung Woon is known for releasing beautiful OSTs for dramas like ‘True Beauty’, ‘Our Beloved Summer’ and more! 

As soon as the song was out, Twitter blew up with the mentions. One said, “Jimin is insane, his power it’s so crazy how he did that. He broke a record set by dynamite just wow It’s always BTS vs BTS.” Another said, “It’s always BTS VS BTS. OST OF THE YEAR”.  

With such an overwhelming response already, we are in for many records to be broken! 


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