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Japan must pass extra budget in current parliament session, says ruling bloc partner leader

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s parliament must pass a fresh extra budget before its current session ends in mid-June, the head of a junior ruling coalition partner said on Tuesday, repeating his earlier remarks amid government officials’ reluctance to such a move.

Komeito leader Natsuo Yamaguchi told reporters the government must compile, and the legislature must pass, an extra budget before the session ends in order to prepare for unexpected expenses.

Yamaguchi’s calls have contrasted with the stance of senior officials of the majority ruling partner Liberal Democratic Party and the government that Tokyo should roll out relief measures to cushion the rising cost of living by tapping 5.5 trillion yen ($43.05 billion) reserves set aside under the fiscal 2022 budget.

($1 = 127.7500 yen)

Source : Reuters

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