Will AP govt help KGF 2?

KGF 2 is one of the most anticipated pan-Indian biggies this year. The film is riding high on buzz and it was apparently sold for particularly high prices in the twin Telugu states.

The latest news is that the makers of KGF 2 might be approaching the government of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and request for ticket price hikes.

Previously, the government of Andhra Pradesh announced that there will be special consideration for big budget films only if 20% of the film is shot in AP. It is understood that KGF 2 doesn’t tick the 20% shoot in AP box.

But notably, the government exempted RRR and Radhe Shyam from the said condition and allotted price hikes permission even though they weren’t shot in AP. The makers of KGF 2 are now hoping the government of AP might help them out as well.


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