Mumbai: Update on the Hindi remake of Kaithi movie has been released.

For the last 2019 Deepavali, Kaithi that was directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, starring Karthi, which was released, ran successfully in the theaters and collected Rs 100 crore. This film focuses on overnight events.

One night former prisoner Karthi talks about how he rescued the police officers who were victimized by the villainous gang, and about the villainous gang who were taking the drugs seized by the police from the commissioner’s office, and how a constable kept 5 college students and spent the night with the girl who was staying at the hostel. The film also talks about Karthi.

Karthi Kaithi Movie Hindi Remake Release Date Announced

The film was produced by SR Prabhu’s Dream Warrior Pictures. Sathyan Sooryan handled the cinematography while Sam CS composed music. Philomin Raj was the editor.

The most important of these was Assault on Precinct 13, released in 1976. It was a huge success. The name of the main character in Assault on Precinct 13 is Napoleon. The stunning scene in the prisoner film is the attack on the commissioner’s office. That’s the main scene of the movie.

Karthi Kaithi Movie Hindi Remake Release Date Announced

The truck-related scenes in the film are influenced by the Hijack and Wages of Fear films. The fact that Karthi has been in jail for 10 years and has not seen his child will be influenced by the AirCon Air film.

The initial shooting of the Hindi remake of Kaithi started in January this year. The remake is directed by Dharmendra Sharma. The film is being produced by Dream Warrior Pictures in association with Ajay Devgan Films. The crew named the film Bholaa. Azeem Bajaj handles the cinematography.

Karthi Kaithi Movie Hindi Remake Release Date Announced

It has been officially announced that the film will be released on March 30, 2023.

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