Johnny Depp tells court he had plans for Pirates of the Caribbean franchise ending before getting dropped

Johnny Depp testified in court on Monday, continuing his fourth day on the stand in the ongoing defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard in Virginia. During the same, the actor also once again addressed his relationship with Disney and the situation of him getting dropped from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise amid Heard’s allegations.

The actor who famously played the role of Jack Sparrow in the franchise spoke about the abrupt ending that the film received on account of his removal as the actor claimed last week how the studio dropped him from the sixth instalment of the franchise days after the Washington Post published Heard’s op-ed about being a domestic abuse survivor. 

While the actor also mentioned that he doesn’t plan on returning to the franchise again even if Disney approaches him again. After Heard’s lawyer asked Depp if he was fired from the franchise before the op-ed was released, the actor told the court, “A franchise can last only so long. And there’s a way to end a franchise like that. And I thought the characters should have a way out, to end the franchise on a very good note. And I planned on continuing until it was time to stop”, via Insider. 

In Monday’s testimony, Depp also expressed disappointment on getting dropped from the films after sharing such a “long relationship” with the studio. The actor also claimed that he had been approached to take part in the writing of Pirates of the Caribbean 6.


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