Ed Sheeran ‘wants to get back to writing songs’

Ed Sheeran is keen to “get back to writing songs” after winning his copyright case.

The 31-year-old pop star was recently cleared by a judge in the High Court in London of plagiarizing ‘Oh Why’ by Sami Chokri, and Ed is now keen to draw a line under the case and move on with his career.

He said: “I’m happy it’s over. I’m happy we can move on and get back to writing songs.”

The copyright case centred on Ed’s hit single ‘Shape Of You’.

And his co-writer, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, has revealed that the case took a toll on his mental health.

He told ‘Newsnight’: “In the last year, it got really heavy and it was consuming. The cost to our mental health and creativity was really tangible.”

Johnny, 45, also claimed there are currently too many “holes” in the system.

And he’s now called on people within the music industry to have some open and honest conversations about the copyright issue.

He said: “I think there’s obvious holes in the system at the moment. If I can go to a musicologist and get a report and take that report and they can freeze someone’s income based on that … that’s a problem.

“It creates a culture where it can be used as a threat and I think we need to be having conversations with societies, with managers, with artists, songwriters and say this isn’t OK for anybody.”

Meanwhile, Ed recently described the accusations of plagiarism as “baseless”.

He explained: “It’s really damaging to the songwriting industry. There’s only so many notes and very few chords used in pop music.

“Coincidence is bound to happen if 60,000 songs are being released every day on Spotify. That’s 22 million songs a year and there’s only 12 notes that are available.”


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