Matt Goss wants to give Maddox Jones ‘a chance’

Matt Goss thinks “all musicians should have a chance”.

The 53-year-old star has invited Maddox Jones to support him at the London Palladium on Saturday (23.04.22) after the ‘Can’t Wait for the Summer’ singer reached out to him on Instagram and he already knows his choice of guest artist will be a big hit with his fans.

Matt said: “All musicians should have a chance, god knows I’ve needed a few. I’m looking forward to hearing Maddox play and the Matt Goss mafia will love him.”

Maddox still “can’t believe” the Bros singer responded to his direct message in order to give him a chance.

He said: “I still can’t believe it’s actually happening!! Matt Goss is an icon, it’s so amazing to have his support.

“I messaged Matt on Instagram last week saying I’d love to support him and yesterday I spoke to him on the phone, it’s so crazy, he’s such a lovely guy.

“He wants to give up and coming artists a chance, big acts just don’t normally do this. I’ve been on the scene for a while and to be given the opportunity to play to his audience and share such an incredible stage, this kind of thing just doesn’t normally happen, this is a big moment for me. It’s also my Birthday this week so thanks for the best present Matt.”

Maddox’s album, ‘Believe It’, is out now.


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