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ExpressBasics: 5 Google Pay tips that make transactions easier

Check out these useful Google Pay Tips and tricks that will make transacting via the app easier for you.

Google Pay and other payment apps are some of the most useful tools that you can carry in your smartphone right now. Helping you make payments digitally, Google Pay also makes it easier to keep a record of transactions, split bills and much more. You also need not worry about change when you use Google Pay to make payments.

However, if you want to know some more advanced things you can do with the app, here are five such tips to check out.

Add a second bank account

You can add multiple bank accounts to Google Pay. These can be your own bank accounts, or those of your spouse, family members, friends, etc. Adding multiple accounts provides some advantages here, including checking the balance of both accounts right from the app and transferring money between accounts.

To do this simply go to the homepage and click on your profile icon on the top right. Under your profile page, look for the ‘Bank account’ option and choose ‘Add a bank account’ in it. You can then select a bank and proceed with activating it via a few security steps to successfully add it.

You can switch between accounts by going to Profile/ Bank Accounts again, choosing the account you want to use and tapping on ‘Set as primary account’.

Check balance of all accounts

You can check the balance on multiple bank accounts easily, straight from the Google Pay app. You will no longer need to visit individual banking apps to check balance for each account.

To do this, go to the Google Pay homepage, navigate to ‘Bank accounts’ and you will see the accounts you have linked to Google Pay. Select any of them and in the page that follows, choose check balance. You will have to enter your UPI PIN and then you can see your bank balance for that account easily.

Generate QR code

Many know that you can scan a QR code to send the corresponding account money using Google Pay, but did you know that you can generate a QR code for yourself?

This makes it much easier for someone else to send you money, allowing them to simply scan your phone rather than manually entering your phone number or UPI ID.Also Read |ExpressBasics: Shut down, Sleep or Hibernate? Which mode to use on laptops, desktops

To do this simply swipe right from the main Google Pay page to get to the scanning screen. Instead of scanning a code, click on the QR code-shaped icon on the top right to generate your own QR code.

You can now let anyone scan this QR to send you money. You can even take a screenshot and send it to anyone so they can send you money remotely.

Send money to yourself

If you use multiple bank accounts, you can even use Google Pay to send money between the accounts. This is much easier than using bank-specific apps, or any other way of transferring money between your two accounts.

To send yourself money, simply go to the Google Pay main page and look for the ‘Self transfer’. Here, you will find two sections. Select the account to transfer from and the one to transfer to. You will then be asked to enter the desired amount and then your UPI PIN, following which your money will be transferred.

Split bills

You can use Google Pay to split large bills with your friends.The feature eliminates manually opening up your calculator app to see how much each friend must pay and then have one person pay the main bill, while receiving equal sums from the other members.

To do this, open the main Google Pay page and tap on the ‘New Payment’ button below. In the subsequent screen, find the ‘New group’ option and click on it.

You can now select people from your contacts and they will be added to a new group, for which you can create a name.

Once the group is made, you will be able to see a ‘Split an expense’ button on the bottom in it. Tap on it and enter an amount that needs to be split between the members.

After entering an amount to split among the members, you will be able to either split the amount evenly or enter a custom amount that a certain user must pay. You can also uncheck someone in the group if that member need not pay for the particular expense.


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