Daniel Radcliffe feels his character in The Lost City is both ‘funny’ and ‘pathetic’

Daniel Radcliffe, the hero of the action-adventure comedy The Lost City, characterizes his evil character Abigail Fairfax’s attitude as “pathetic” and “very funny.” Having begun his acting career as a youngster in several projects, Radcliffe is now one of the world’s most recognizable and adored film stars.

Radcliffe’s most recent film, The Lost City, casts him in yet another outlandish character as a millionaire and international criminal Abigail Fairfax. The Nee Brothers directed and co-wrote the film, which depicts Fairfax kidnapping romance author Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) in order to bring him to the valuable treasure known as the “Crown of Fire,” since she has based her books on true historical research.

However, Radcliffe has now shared his opinions on how he perceives his affluent and eccentric character in an interview with Empire. Daniel said as per Screenrant, “I think directors go one of two ways with me. Maybe less so now, but after Potter in particular, if 50% of directors only saw me as one thing and only saw me as Harry, then the other 50% were excited by the chance to be the people who showed me as something else. I think these directors were really excited about getting to show me as this sociopathic villain. But he’s also a very funny villain, to me. There’s something so pathetic about all of his motivations.”

Meanwhile, given that Radcliffe has portrayed a lot of weird characters in numerous eccentric films in recent years, such as Horns and Guns Akimbo, it’s possible that some moviegoers would connect the actor with this sort of genre rather than Harry Potter. It also implies that it is a genre in which Radcliffe has developed a strong interest, implying that the prospect of him playing yet another eccentric individual after his Weird Al role is not ruled out. With talk of a sequel to The Lost City gathering pace, it’s possible that moviegoers may get to see Radcliffe reprise his role as the witty and sad Fairfax.


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