BTS: ARMY says ‘weren’t we obvious’ as V asks fans ‘you wanna marry me?’; Jimin speaks about his OST for Our Blues

  • BTS: J-Hope, Jimin, and V held a live session after their Permission To Dance on Stage concert. They spoke on a host of topics. Here’s what they said about fans wanting to marry them, Jimin’s OST for Our Blues among other things.  

BTS members J-Hope, Jimin, and V held a live session on Saturday soon after their Permission To Dance on Stage concert in Las Vegas ended. Taking to V Live, the members interacted with their fans while having a meal. Towards the end of the live, they were joined by Jungkook. 

During the live, J-Hope, Jimin and V were sitting a little far from the camera. At one point, J-Hope wanted to get up and see the comments made by fans but Jimin insisted and said, “You keep eating, I’ll look at them.” As translated by Twitter user @BTStranslation_, Jimin then added, “There’s nothing but ‘marry me’. You guys only think of marrying us these days.” V added, “ARMY, you guys, you wanna marry me?”

️ I’ll look at the comments once
hyung keep eating, I’ll look at them
there’s nothing but “marry me”s
you guys only think of marry us these days
you guys, you wanna marry me?— Sel⁷ (@BTStranslation_) April 16, 2022

Reacting to the tweet, a fan wrote, “Tell me Taehyung who doesn’t want to marry you lol whole fandom is ready just say YES!!!” Another person said, “Were we not obvious before?” A fan also tweeted, “IS THAT EVEN A QUESTION?” “We’ve been on the line since we join this fandom,” said a person. “Taehyung pulling the card back on us,” commented another fan. “We wanna but u wanna marry the members instead,” said a fan.

During BTS’ live, a fan asked about Jimin’s OST for Our Blues. J-Hope read the comment, “Jiminie they’re asking when your OST is coming out.” V revealed, “I listened to it earlier today.” J-Hope added, “We already know right.” Jimin replied, “You guys, I’m trying out this for the first time, and I want to try out new things in the future too, so I’m starting out from here.. I’ll work hard!!”


Hobi: make some noise~
Hobi: life is something that keeps going on… pic.twitter.com/QXYcDBl18Y— Sel⁷ (@BTStranslation_) April 16, 2022

Jimin also thanked ARMY after J-Hope said two million fans from around the world were watching their live. When J-Hope asked fans how they knew about their “friendship tattoo”, V replied, “I spoke about it.” J-Hope then asked the viewers, “Do you guys like our friendship tattoo idea? If yes then say O, if not X.” He then added, “Oh it’s all Os there’s no Xs at all.”

Speaking about how he would feel previously after their concerts, Jimin said, “Back in the day, I’d pass out right away after coming from the concert without even removing shoes, I’d just pass out. I’d think like let’s have some soup and I’d heat the soup for eating and pass out and I’d wake up like ‘Ah I’m hungry’ and it’s already been six hours.”

J-Hope asked fans, “How long is it been since you been ARMY?” While many fans said seven, others said eight and even ten years. J-Hope added, “Ten years, they have been with us the whole time right?” Jimin asked, “I wonder if I’m the age of drinking yet (in front of fans).” J-Hope said, “It’s been a long time since you passed that age.” Jimin added, “No I mean like, since ARMYs also see us in a way like babies so I was wondering.” V added, “There’s a lot of ARMYs who are growing up with us.”

Speaking about returning to South Korea, J-Hope said, “When are we gonna go to Korea? Since we have a concert tomorrow so day after tomorrow.” He also said that the Lady Gaga concert was great and Jin, Jimin, and V were also scheduled to go but they couldn’t due to some reasons. He also said, “But Vegas…I’m gonna go with great memories from here.” As the live was about to end, Jungkook came into their room as he smelled delicious food. However, J-Hope, Jimin, and V said that they finished all of it.

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