Review : Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki – Outdated Horror Comedy

Release Date : April 08,2022

123telugu.com Rating : 2.25/5

Starring: Adith Arun (Thrigun), Pujitha Ponnada, Getup Srinu, Hemanth, Mahesh Manjrekar, Shyamala, Vinod Kumar, Sapthagiri, Surya

Director: Chanakya Chinna

Producers: Monish Pattipati

Music Director: Bheems Ceciroleo

Cinematography : Y. S. Krishna

Editor: Prawin Pudi

Thrigun and Poojitha Ponnada starrer horror comedy film, Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki, is now playing in theaters. Let’s see how the movie is.


Prem (Thrigun) is a desperate guy who likes to go to any extent to get married. Meanwhile, Deeksha (Poojitha Ponnada) is a carefree attitude girl who risks her life in the name of bettings. Nandi (Hemanth) is a young movie writer struggling to get a break. Finally, Dongesh (Getup Srinu) is a dumb thief with a kind heart. Various situations made these four different people end up in a graveyard. What happened next in the place? What did they do in the graveyard? To know the answers, you need to watch the film.

Plus Points:

Thrigun (Adith Arun) has already proved his acting skills in earlier movies. In this film also, he performed very well and he has a good future ahead. Pujitha Ponnada gives her best and she looks so beautiful on screen. Getup Srinu makes everyone laugh with his perfectly timed punches and expressions. He saved the film up to some extent with his decent performance. Hemanth also justifies his role as a middle-class family man and a struggling writer.

The girl who played the devil surprises, everyone, with her stunning performance. The way she showcased different shades in a single character is worth praising. Some dialogues are good to listen to.

Minus Points:

The story is nothing new to audiences. People have already seen this kind of story in many movies. What the director tried to convey is, a message about orphans but ultimately failed to do it in a good manner. He also failed to use the senior actors, Mahesh Manjrekar and Vinod Kumar, to the fullest. Chanakya could have come up with a good script and crisp screenplay to make KKMI a better thriller.

When it comes to a horror-comedy thriller, audiences expect a few thrilling moments. The movie also lacks them. The first half makes you feel bored as the director keeps the main story to be revealed in the latter half.

Technical Aspects:

Though the movie is not up to the mark, the cinematography and the background score saved the flick a bit. Thanks to the composer Bheems Ceciroleo for the nice score. Srinivas Teja’s dialogues and lyrics are fine but will go unrecognised because of poor narrative. The VFX work looks funny. Though it’s a small budget movie, the production values look rich.


On the whole, Katha Kanchiki Manam Intiki is a film that has nothing new to offer. Getup Srinu’s comedy and Bheems’ background score are the only saviours of the film. Barring a few laughs, there is nothing new to look out for in this movie.

123telugu.com Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team


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