Vijay Sethupathi helped to get job opportunities for one lakh families.

Most people who do good things for the community just don’t like advertising. But only when the deeds are revealed, will some set an example in the world.

Vijay Sethupathi, who was last seen in the feature film, “Kadaisi Vivasayi” left everyone of us thrilled by his silent deeds that benefitted one lakh families. This is a story that brought tears of joy to millions.

Yes, this actor had been the driving force behind the employment of more than one lakh members of the Tamil community in the last three years.

Veeraraghavan, a social activist from Pondicherry, had started an NGO to help the downtrodden people procure jobs in 2016 using Whatsapp as the means of communication.  By 2019, the social activist had helped 3345 persons.

Vijay Sethupathi on hearing about Veeraraghavan invited him as a participant in the “Namma Ooru Hero’ show he hosted on Sun TV.

Vijay Sethupathi who gave life to one lakh families

Now Veeraraghavan says,  ” I will say that it was a miracle in my life that I accidentally met Vijay Sethupathi Sir at Namma Ooru Hero show. I’m not financially strong, I was a federal teacher at the time and was a social-worker for part-time.

Vijay Sethupathi, who spoke to Veeraraghavan very anxiously during and after the event, said that he would help him in whichever ways possible. Veeraraghavan said, “I trusted his words and immediately resigned my job.”

After that Namma Ooru Hero show aired in March 2019, the number of calls from job seekers from across the country, over the phone increased. Post hearing this, VJS immediately set up an office at Pondicherry-Thavalakuppam and selected and co-ordinated the trustees and staff for the extension of this service and assisted in the functioning of the charity under Government regulations. He and all my employees were not getting paid on time.

The NGO was named Vallalaar Velai Vaaipu Sevai Maiam and came into existence on March 14th 2019.

Following this, small, micro, large and multinational companies from various parts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry wanted to provide the required manpower details to their company and bring it to the job seekers. As a result of bringing that employment information through YOUTUBE began to receive a large number of calls to companies from individuals in various regions, the service became completely free of charge and both parties benefitted from this.

Vijay Sethupathi who gave life to one lakh families

On the other hand, the institutional human resource development officers who benefitted from this service started sharing about the activities of the Vallalaar Velai Vaaipu Sevai Maiam in Human Resource Groups (HR FORUM). As a result, calls from various HR FORUMs in Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry have been received and the service has become an opportunity for many.

From March 20 to 2022, 1,00,133 educated qualified persons have been employed and benefited on the basis of daily data received from companies. Based on current information, the Vallar Employment Service operates more than 4 lakh 35 thousand people in over 1400 Whatsapp groups and YOUTUBE [VVVSI CAREER GUIDELINES]

Followed by channel.

The Vallalaar Velai Vaaipu Sevai Maiam is also involved in providing daily Government employment information, providing guidance to Government job seekers, creating and promoting 73 self-employed entrepreneurs in collaboration with the Government Entrepreneurs and Innovation Agency and raising awareness of job placement for final year students in colleges and mentors. Has also conducted camps. In addition, it is running 17 employment camps alone and 3 camps in collaboration with the Government. It is noteworthy that this non-violent war which first started in Pondicherry has spread to all the districts of Tamil Nadu, especially to the slums.

If you or your friends or relatives are looking for a job, you can register at https://www.vvvsi.com and get a watch link to get job placement information daily | If you are a employer, you can email [email protected] for employment information.

Veeraraghavan concludes by expressing his gratitude to Vijay Sethupathi, companies, Government officials, volunteers and the HR FORUM (HR FORUM) for their continued support to benefit not only the job seekers but also their families through this service. 

“Wait a minute … Mr. Veeraraghavan… the only question you have … does Vijay Sethupathi know you are disclosing this?

“Of course not, sir. Whenever I tried to divulge this information, he would have stopped me in a very strict manner. I’m going to do the same thing this time around. It’s okay if he’s angry. Let him know how great his mind is and all the wealth he earns because he thinks people belong to him. 

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