Valimai villian Kartikeya shares unknown facts about Ajith Kumar- Dont miss

Ajith Kumar starter Valimai co-starring Karthikeya, Huma Qureshi and many more is running successfully in cinemas. Fans of AK are celebrating the release like a carnival as they are witnessing their idol on big screens after many years.

Now, Karthikeya who played the baddie in this film has revealed an interesting lesser-known fact about AK and also shared his experience working with the team. Sharing a bit about his experience of working with Ajith, the Valimai villain said, “Initially, when I got into the movies, it was all about opportunities. When I got Valimai, I looked at it as an opportunity of getting recognition in a new language but when I met Ajith sir, that became secondary but my relationship with him will travel all my life. After meeting and working with him, my perspective towards my career has changed. The way I approach my life has changed. The opportunity I got is temporary but what I got from him has changed my life for good.”

Kartikeya went on to share learnings and a lesser-known fact about Ajith which gives a wider look at his stardom. “Ajith sir is someone who doesn’t give tips in acting because he respects all other actors but in stunts and all, he is experienced and I did ask about it. When I asked him about professionalism and the way he explains it, there were a few instances that were right in front of me. He had a very bad fall but he immediately got up and got the new bike sorted the next day. All of us thought he was not hurt but when we got into the vanity and saw him taking off his shirt, he was bleeding in the back.”

“When I asked him to take a break, he said ‘I can’t stop the shoot because we have got you dates and everyone else. It is not about the money but the value of time.’ The way he gives importance to others is the best part. Even professionally and personally, he gives importance to each and every actor, their performances and values their work…and this helps you to perform even better. He doesn’t think about how much money the movie is making but how many people have benefited from it is the purpose of the movie,” he added. On the other hand, Valimai is doing great at the box office with multi-crores collection in the first week.


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