When BTS’ Suga gifted ARMY handwritten letters, Korean transportation cards on his birthday. Watch

On Suga’s birthday in 2015, the rapper sent out handwritten letters as well as Korean transportation cards to his international fans.

BTS’ rapper Suga has a reputation of being seemingly aloof and distant.  However, ARMY and his fell0w members know it’s just a ruse. Suga, whose real name is Min Yoongi, has shown his soft side to his members, especially the younger ones, V and Jungkook.  Suga has shown affection to his fans on numerous occasions as well, one of the most notable memories being, when he painstakingly wrote letters to his fans on his birthday, and gifted them handwritten cards.

In an old 2015 video, Suga ponders over what to send ARMY, and decides to send polaroid photos, Korean transportation cards and handwritten letters. A week later, he is seen taking Jimin’s help for this complicated task, as Jimin goes to the shop to buy several transportation cards and tops them up as well. Jimin says, “People who receive this will be very touched. He (Suga) might tease his members a lot, but he is very deep, and that’s how I think of him.” Later on, Suga is seen getting rather stressed on what exactly he should write to fans, so he also includes song lyrics.

Later, as Suga had to go to the studio, Jimin and V sit and put the letters into envelopes, while listening to RM’s song. V, who is known to be particularly attached to Suga, couldn’t help saying, “He is such a nice person,” while Jimin agreed. The video also included much jesting and joking around between the three of them, as Jimin interrupted V’s meal to get him to come and help.

Suga’s birthday is on March 9, and ARMY, along with the rest of the members, are all ready to celebrate the special occasion.

Source: indianexpress.com

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