While Vijay TV’s Cooku With Comali Season 3 has been well received by fans, Sivaangi’s badass getup in the promo for today’s show has gone viral on the internet.

Cooku with Comali

In November 2019, the release of Cooku with Comali Season 1 emerged as a huge hit with the audiences. Especially the fame of the comalis in it – Bala, Sivaangi, Manimegalai, Thangadurai, Bijli Ramesh, amongst others, attracted a lot of fans.

Stress Buster

The Cooku with Comali show became known as the “Stress Buster” in Tamil Nadu. Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar won the title of Cooku with Comali Season 1. As soon as Season 1 was over, fans began to look forward to Season 2.

Sivaangi new getup as villu vadivelu in cwc 3 promo

Season 2 ..

In November 2020, Cooku With Comali Season 2 began. Bala, Sivaangi, Sunita, Manimegalai, Pugazh and Thangathurai were also to be admired. 

Season 3 ..

Following this, last January, Cooku With Clown Season 3 kicked off. Along with the existing comalis, Arun, Adhikari Arun, Mookkuthi Murugan and Bharath are the new comalis. The cooks include Ammu Abirami, Anthony Dasan, Rahul Datta, Roshini, Grace Karunas, Shrutika Arjun, Santosh Pratap, Darshan, Vidyullekha Raman, Mano Bala.

Sivaangi new getup as villu vadivelu in cwc 3 promo

Sivaangi in Vadivelu’s getup

As a result, in one of the currently released promos, Sivaangi’s portion is going viral. During the second season of Cooku with Comali, Sivaangi once disguised like Vadivelu from Imsai Arasan 23rd Pulikesi.

Getup is just idle

looks like she has continued to disguise like Vadivelu in the ongoing season as well. In the new promo, Sivaangi has switched to Vadivelu’s getup from the ‘Villu’. Starring Vijay and Nayanthara, Vadivelu’s cone-shaped hair-style was what loved by all.

By the time the film was released, that hairstyle was becoming more and more trending. Similarly, the look of Sivaangi on the Cooku with Comali set is becoming more and more viral amongst the audiences. 

Sivaangi new getup as villu vadivelu in cwc 3 promo

Fans are eager to catch the full episode.

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