Bigg Boss Aari hits back at the Tamil reviewer who made disrespectful comments on Ajith Kumar!

Aari Arjunan emerged as the title winner of the fourth season of Bigg Boss Tamil. He currently has multiple feature films projects in his pipeline. Now, Aari, in a stage speech, has hit back against the Tamil cinema critic ‘Blue Sattai’ Maaran for his disrespectful comments on Ajith Kumar while reviewing ‘Valimai’.

Ajith Kumar’s ‘Valimai was released in theatres worldwide amid very high expectations from the fans and received mixed reviews. ‘Blue Sattai’ Maran had published a review video on the Tamil Talkies Youtube channel criticising the film in an unpolite manner. In the review, he mentioned that Ajith’s dance looks like a parotta master preparing parotta.

Following his remarks, the actor’s fans and film industry people have condemned him saying that criticisms should be constructive. In a recent movie function, Bigg Boss fame Aari expressed his anger towards Maaran for his disrespectful comments. Aari said, “You earn by critiquing the film and put that money in your pocket. If you lie down and spit, it will fall on you. You also directed a film and told everyone that it is a good film, every other person can say that too.”

“Ajith is a top actor today because of his hard work. He is a self-made star in the industry. Criticism should be pointing out the flaws and not making disgraceful comments on someone. You can say that he should put more effort into dancing but how can you say that his dance looks like making parotta? Raise the quality of your review first,” added Aari in his speech.


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