Yashika Aannand shuts down body shamer with savage reply – viral video

Young and happening actress Yashika Aannand who met with an accident recently is returning to her old form with back to back posts, reels and savage replies on Instagram. Recently she shut down a troller who questing her about showing her body.

Yashika is known for her frequent engagement with her fans and entertaining them with photos and videos. In a recent question and answer session, she spoke about her Ex Niroop, the reason why she did not participate in Bigg Boss and also shut down a troller.

Among the many, a follower asked Yashika whether she doesn’t have “shame” as she is uploading pictures of herself “exposing her body”. Answering him, Yashika said “I will show my hair and speak because I am not able to show you my face as it is also a part of my body. Shameful, Shame, Puppy shame, Oh my god,” the actress said.

Talking about why she couldn’t take part in Bigg Boss ultimate, Yashika said that she can’t do the tasks like before due to the recent tragic car accident she also revealed that she is not up for yet another love track. Disclosing about her relationship with Niroop, she said “I dated Niroop for four long years before breaking up and added that she is happy for him right now as he is living his dreams.”


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