The Chainsmokers reveal reaction to Kanye West using their track on City of Gods

The Chainsmokers love Kanye West’s take on ‘New York City’.

The DJ duo – made up of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart – were blown away when they heard Fivio Foreign’s single ‘City of Gods’, which features Ye and Alicia Keys while sampling the chorus from the pair’s 2015 song.

Appearing on the ‘Smallzy’s Celebrity Small Talk’ podcast, Drew said: “We had heard a few months ago that he had taken our song ‘New York City’ and sampled it as the hook – this is a song from way even before our first album, it was on one of our EPs.

“He had used that, and then they created a beat over it and he was on it. And then a couple of weeks ago, they were like, ‘You know that song? Now it’s gonna have Alicia Keys and Kanye West on it.’

“Which was a huge surprise to us – and obviously when you here those things, too, you never know if they’re gonna come out or not.”

Drew admitted sometimes there were moments in the past where they thought a big collaboration was on the cards, only to be left disappointed.

He added: “We’ve had beats that we made that we’ve heard Drake was getting on and you get your hopes up.

“When [‘City of Gods’] actually came out and we saw them shooting the music video, it got pretty real.

“I love that music is in a phase where people can just come from completely different scenes and genres, just take stuff and remake it.

“I’m not precious with any of other stuff. I like it when people reimagine it for their own purposes.”

Meanwhile, Drew also commented on a long-running joke that no one actually recognises him or Alex when they’re out and about, and they experienced it for themselves first-hand.

He recalled: “I was leaving Hyde, which is a club on Sunset, a couple of years ago and I remember overhearing this group of guys convincing this group of girls that they were us.

“We walked passed, none of them even noticed us. I don’t know what the fate of that night was for them!”


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