Twitter boss thanked Dionne Warwick for her humorous posts

Former Twitter boss Jack Dorsey once reached out to Dionne Warwick to praise her tweets.

Over the past year, the music icon has built up a huge following for her humorous messages relating to pop culture, especially in relation to Taylor Swift, Chance the Rapper, and The Weeknd.

Reflecting on the success of her account during an interview with USA Today, Dionne insisted the popularity of her tweets is down to her authenticity.

“I’m just having a good time. I’m not doing anything different than I would normally do. I really got involved with it when I saw what my nieces and nephews were looking at on Twitter,” she said. “Jack (Dorsey, former Twitter chief executive officer) reached out to me to thank me. He said, ‘You know, you’ve really made a difference.'”

Elsewhere in the chat, Dionne joked that she wasn’t too bothered about her recent nomination for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, having already missed out once before.

“Here we go again, is how I feel about it,” the 81-year-old sighed. “Maybe this time they’ll get it right.”

Dionne has been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Grammy Hall of Fame, the R&B Music Hall of Fame, and the Apollo Theatre Walk of Fame.

She’s up against new Hall of Fame nominees Dolly Parton, Eminem, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, A Tribe Called Quest, Beck, and Carly Simon.

Other previously nominated artists making a return include Rage Against the Machine, Kate Bush, Pat Benatar, Devo, Eurythmics, Judas Priest, Fela Kuti, MC5, and the New York Dolls.


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