Tom Grennan’s new album is a ‘happy one’

Tom Grennan has teased his uplifting new album.

The ‘Little Bit Of Love’ hitmaker just released the euphoric single, ‘Remind Me’, and has revealed his follow-up to 2021’s chart-topping heartbreak record, ‘Evering Road’, is a “happy one”.

Speaking on ‘The Rebecca Judd Show’ on Apple Music 1, he teased: “It’s a very ­colourful album and a happy one.

“It’s one of these ones that I’ve really, really, really enjoyed doing, because I’m in this place where, like I say, I’m happy.”

“Nobody has got time for sad at the moment.

“There’s enough going on in the world that we all know about.

“I think people need us to be happy and try to remember them good times, and the times that we’ve got ahead of us. Hopefully, they are better than what’s going on right now.”

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter teased in a press statement last week: “I have a new story to tell. I’m on a run, I’m in sixth gear.”

Tom is hoping to bag another chart-topping album, following the success of ‘Evering Road’.

He told BANG Showbiz: “In 2022, one goal I hope to achieve … Just to put out good music and hopefully get another number one record, that’s what I would love. I’ll keep working until I can get that.”

The ‘Let’s Go Home Together’ singer also admitted songwriting is his “way of healing”.

Tom views his music as a form of therapy because it allows him to work through his feelings, and he finds he expresses himself better in song than any other way.

He said: “My writing is something that helps me out, when I’m writing about a certain thing I’m like, ‘Woah this is deep but it’s my therapy, I have my way of release, my way of healing, and my outlet. I speak and talk better when I’m singing.”

Meanwhile, the BRIT-nominated artist is set to tour the globe, with shows in the US, Europe and Australia, and will also play his largest headline concert to date at Bedford Park in his hometown of Bedford on June 4.


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