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Google Photos’ latest update will make it easier to browse, share and import photos

Google Photos has got a fresh design, which will make it easier for users to find and share photos. The update will roll out to Android first.

Google Photos has got a fresh design, which will make it easier for users to find and share photos. In a blog post, Google said it will start rolling out new updates to its popular service in order to make it easier for users to “sort through your albums, import photos and videos you have saved somewhere else, see your shared content and find screenshots.”

The new feature includes a Library that will have more options and let users find their photos and albums more easily. The Library tab is now getting an updated layout to show a grid or list depending on user preference. The new design will let users quickly filter by type (albums, shared albums, favourites, on-device folders and then sort their photos.

Google Photos is also adding a new ‘Import Photos’ section alongside Locked Folder, utilities, archive and trash option. This will let users “easily copy photos from other services, digitize photos (or videos and film) or move photos from a camera,” adds the blog.

The redesign also brings sections for partner sharing, shared albums and conversations. Google says “with more defined sections, it’s easier to find, view and manage your shared photos and videos, and stay up to date so you never miss the latest snap.” The changes are rolling out to Android this week and coming soon to iOS.

The new update will make it easier to let users find their most recent screenshots, even if you choose not to back them up. Google will add a shortcut that will appear at the top of your main photo grid to take you right to them.


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