Daniel Radcliffe admits staying in touch with Helena Bonham Carter since Harry Potter reunion

Daniel Radcliffe recognizes how fortunate he is to have gotten part of Harry Potter at the age of 11. One of the most enjoyable aspects of working on the eight-film franchise? Being exposed to some of today’s most renowned actors.

Earlier this year, HBO Max aired Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, a special commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the Harry Potter film series. The special included interviews with several of the principal cast members, as well as all of the returning Harry Potter filmmakers, who provided an inside look at the creation of the famous series. Among the numerous disclosures in Return to Hogwarts was Radcliffe’s confession that he developed a crush on Carter when she joined the cast during the fifth film.

However, In a recent interview with People, Radcliffe claimed that he still texts Carter often, even after all these years. According to Radcliffe, he and Carter reconciled during the HBO reunion and intend to “hang out” the next time they both visit London. Daniel said as per Screenrant, “Over the last few months, I’ve actually texted with Helena a bit since the reunion. I think when I’m back in London we’re definitely going to try and hang out at some point.”

Meanwhile, since his Harry Potter days, Daniel has been in a number of films. When he portrays the villain in The Lost City, co-starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum, which opens in theatres on March 25, he will really demonstrate that he is no longer a kid.


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