Daniel Radcliffe reveals what fans can expect from Weird Al Yankovic biopic

Daniel Radcliffe is excited for the public to witness him turn into ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic for the forthcoming movie on the comedian’s life. Fans got a sneak glimpse of Radcliffe in character last month, and although his portrayal of Yankovic did need some time in the hair and makeup chair, one aspect of his appearance was all his own.

“I grew the mustache, so the mustache was mine ’cause I didn’t want to wear a fake one every day,” the 32-year-old actor said as per ET Canada. Evan Rachel Wood, who portrays Madonna in the biopic, had a “far more involved process” in getting her appearance perfect, according to Radcliffe. In terms of what viewers can anticipate from this biopic, Radcliffe teased that it would be “the absolutely 100% factual story of Al’s life.”

“I’m gonna keep that going for as long as I can,” he mused before adding as per ET Canada, “cause it’s insane. It’s going to be a lot of fun hopefully.” Radcliffe may seem to be an unusual choice for the role of Yankovic, but the actor has a demonstrated ability to carry tiny, oddball movies. Radcliffe is not generally renowned as a humorous actor, but several of the independent productions he has acted in, such as Swiss Army Man, Guns Akimbo, and What If, have enabled him to develop his comedic talents. 

However, Radcliffe revealed in a recent interview with People that portraying Yankovic in the forthcoming biopic is a big responsibility. He described himself as “honoured” to be able to portray “Weird Al” Yankovic and bring the artist’s journey to life.


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