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Cryptocurrency Prices Today: BTC, ETH dip marginally as Cardano rises

In rupee terms, Bitcoin declined 0.61 percent to trade at Rs 30,93,933 while Ethereum fell 0.03 percent to Rs 2,09,100.

The global cryptocurrency market capitalisation rose 1.40 percent over the last 24 hours to $1.77 trillion, while trading volumes declined 35.79 percent to $53.45 billion during the period.

The total volume in the decentralised finance (DeFi) space stood at $9.52 billion, around 17.81 percent of the 24-hour cryptocurrency trading volume. The total volume in stablecoins stood at $43.49 billion, around 81.38 percent of the 24-hour cryptocurrency trading volume.

Bitcoin’s market dominance fell 0.24 percent to 42.18 percent and the currency was trading at $39,395.22 on the morning of March 6.

In rupee terms, Bitcoin declined 0.61 percent to trade at Rs 30,93,933 while Ethereum fell 0.03 percent to Rs 2,09,100.

Cardano was up 1.27 percent to Rs 67.56 and Avalanche fell 0.02 percent to Rs 5,995.9. Polkadot was up 1.08 percent to Rs 1,332.46 and Litecoin rose 0.86 percent to Rs 8,124.17 in the last 24 hours. Tether was down 0.19 percent to Rs 79.39.

Memecoin SHIB rose 0.05 percent, while Dogecoin was down by 0.01 percent to trade at Rs 9.75. Terra (LUNA) rose 3.79 percent to Rs 6,762.12.

In other news, Ukraine has reportedly received $57 million in cryptocurrency donations to aid its defence against Russia, according to blockchain tracker Elliptic.The New York Timesand others have called that amount “a drop in the bucket in the context of the conflict,” but it is no small amount in any context, and it is $57 million Ukraine is happy to receive.As of 9:30 am, these were the prices of various cryptocurrencies in the Indian market (Data from WazirX)

Cardano 67.56+1.27

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