The Weekend Away Review: Leighton Meester’s vacation thriller is predictable and a strictly one-time watch

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The Weekend Away

The Weekend Away CastLeighton Meester, Christina Wolfe

The Weekend Away DirectorKim Farrant

The Weekend Away PlatformNetflix

The Weekend Away Stars2.5/5 


With ‘Gossip Girl,’ Leighton Meester grabbed the world by storm. The series catapulted her to stardom, and she has subsequently shown her acting abilities in a number of other ventures. However, the actress is ready to fascinate audiences once again in the forthcoming thriller film, ‘The Weekend Away.’

Based on Sarah Alderson’s book of the same name, the film follows two friends, Beth (Meester) and Kate (Christina Wolfe), as they plan a holiday in Croatia. They intended to do a lot of sightseeing and have a good time. Beth’s husband’s name is Rob, and the pair just had a baby together. On the other hand, Kate is a single lady who just divorced her boyfriend Jay. The ladies reunite after a long time apart and just want to have fun together. Kate and her closest pal stay in an opulent AirBnB. She pays the bills using her ex-boyfriend Jay’s credit card, which he is unaware of. However, when Beth discovers that Kate has disappeared, everything turns upside down. She first assumed she departed with the boys they met at the pub, but she becomes quite concerned when she discovers no evidence of her friend. 

Interestingly, The Weekend Away doesn’t waste any time in getting to Kate’s absence; she’s vanished before the 15-minute mark, and Beth is concerned. One would expect Farrant to delve straight into this perplexing enigma, but The Weekend Away takes a more deliberate approach. The tempo is inconsistent, with a slower start that eventually gives way to rapid-fire turns. Beth eventually put together some elements from the night before — which she can’t remember, much to her dismay — but the initial steps ahead in her inquiry are only possible because she has Zain (their driver) to assist her.


Moving forward, Beth instantly files a missing persons case to Croatian police, who are unconcerned about a lady who consumes cocaine and drives guys home from clubs. From there, we hear about some fresh developments and unexpected disclosures concerning Kate and Beth’s relationship, as well as a few intriguing side characters. The Weekend Away quickly grabs your attention with the way it starts. There’s an ominous stench in the air. When Kate goes missing, several individuals in the film look suspicious. A murder mystery fanatic like me, on the other hand, will instantly figure out who the perpetrator is. I even predicted the cause of all this tragedy, so adding too many dangerous distractions hampered the storyline for me.


In terms of acting, Leighton Meester steals the show with an outstanding performance. Even when she knows her character is in serious jeopardy, she never lets her guard down. However, throughout the movie, I kept thinking about how much better the movie might have been if Meester had played the more lively Kate and, obviously, if we had gotten to know her as more than a sad party girl. While this film will most likely wind up on Netflix’s Top 10 list over the weekend and may even become a hot topic online, it owes a lot more to its amazing lead. 

Moreover, there are also no head-scratching moments in the movie. It features some breathtaking Croatian scenery that may want you to visit the place. However, as a murder mystery, it is tedious and does not present even a single moment of perplexity.


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