Photos of actor Vadivelu with Mamannan’s photo on the set of the film has been released.

Udhayanidhi Stalin, who saw Mari Selvaraj’s Karnan’s film, was impressed with it, and the two of them shook on the next project. Confirming the same, an announcement was made a few days ago that Udhayanidhi Stalin will team up with Mari Selvaraj for Mamannan will be co-starring Udhayanidhi Stalin, Fahadh Fasil, Vadivelu and Keerthy Suresh.

Vadivelu’s role in the film has been preferred by the film crew, who have put his name first on the poster as a veteran actor. Actor Vadivelu is making a re-entry in Tamil cinema with Naisekar Returns after a gap of a few years. As the film is being prepared, it is the second film that Vadivelu has agreed to after that, Mari Selvaraj’s Mamannan. This ‘Mamannan’ movie announcement is a double treat for the fans who have not seen Vadivelu on screen for a few years.

On the evening of the announcement, director Mari Selvaraj posted photos of himself with actor Vadivelu saying that the series was a dream come true. The photo then went viral on the Internet.

Actor vadivelu joined the sets of Mamannan movie

Vadivelu is currently involved in the shooting of the film Mamannan. Following this, the film crew greeted him with glee. Vadivelu’s photo with the crew is spreading fast on the Internet.

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