Euphoria cast on the shocking season 2 finale: There has to be some hope at the end of this

by Pinkvilla Desk 

Euphoria season 2 was the most talked-about series this year, to say the least. Following the finale, the release of its 8th episode, season 2 of the series has come to an end. The cast of Euphoria opened up about wrapping up a second edition of the series and its mindboggling ending in a new sit down with ET. 

During the interview, Angus Cloud who plays the role of Fezco in the series shared his excitement for the revelation of Fez’s origin story, “I was super excited,” the actor added, “It just shows all of the backstories and explanations for why the characters are who they are today.” Maude Apatow who essays the character of Lexi shared her reaction to season 2, “There’s so many things that are explored this season that weren’t in the first season. Their dynamic is a lot more complicated than you would expect,” while Sydney Sweeny (Cassie) chimed in, “I was actually sad to see how complicated it became as the season went on.”

Sweeney went on and told the outlet that the fight between the sisters affected her so much that it “started to break” her. Apatow also talked about Lexi’s iconic play and how it “rattled” everyone according to her, she added, “I think it just brought up a lot of things that no one really wants to deal with and it’s uncomfortable to watch.” During the chat Eric Dane (Cal) shared his thoughts on Cal’s drunken coming out, “I think that his biggest regret is that he failed miserably with his son. Dane expressed his hopes for the character and shared that he might have a chance at redemption in the upcoming seasons, he also added, “And I think that’s what Nate wants. He wants a father.”

However, another character that deserves her redemption arch is Rue played by Zendaya. The actress revealed her and the team’s aspirations for the character, “There’s a dark place that hits right in the middle of the season. And it was painful for everyone involved with making it. I know it was painful for me and I think it got to the point of, ‘We can’t leave her here. This can’t be the end of her story. There has to be some hope at the end of this. Something beautiful at the end of all this pain,’”

Jacob Elordi who took on the role of Nate Jacobs in the series also shared his expectations for the third season, “Given the change in the second season, I’d imagine [season 3] would just be a complete shock again,” he weighs in the possibility of a “completely new show again.”


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