Kanye West says ‘Kim’s not a bad person’; Makes a comment about The Kardashians’ new trailer

Kanye West has been calling out reports that have been touting him to be a “lier” and in one of his recent posts, he slammed a portal for the same. The rapper took to Instagram yet again to share a screengrab of a story that spoke about Kim’s public response to him. Sharing the same, West wrote that he isn’t a bad guy and that Kim’s not bad person.

Kanye seemed to question Kim’s upcoming reality show, The Kardashians‘ motive as he spoke about the Hulu show requiring a “new narrative” in his post. The rapper’s new post seemed to suggest that Pete Davidson’s texts to him seemed to come at an opportune time before the trailer release of The Kardashians. 

Kanye wrote, “What did I lie about? I am “allowed” to see my kids YALL soooo mad that I can’t be written off as abuser or a stalker YALL soooo mad that SKETE showed who he really is Right before the Hulu trailer dropped I’m not a bad guy Kim’s not a bad person Kids want parents to stay together but Hulu needed a new narrative.”

For the unreversed, a new trailer of The Kardashians dropped recently which showcased Kim talking about her rift with West where she could be seen stating that West told her her career is “over.” The trailer also addresses Kim’s new relationship with Davidson as a clip of the duo kissing during their Saturday Night Live sketch is shown. Kris Jenner also seems to comment on Kim’s new romance as she says, “This is a relationship that I don’t think anybody saw it coming.” 

As for Kanye and Pete‘s recent exchange, the rapper has now deleted the posts that consisted of screengrabs of Pete’s alleged texts to him where the comedian asked the rapper to have a private discussion and also reportedly sent him a shirtless photo of himself claiming that he was “in bed with his wife.”

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