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Harris: “When democracy is threatened anywhere, it threatens us all”

Erin Doherty

Hours after returning from a diplomatic trip to Poland and Romania, Vice President Kamala Harris on Saturday vowed continued support for Ukraine in its fight against an escalating Russian military offensive.

Driving the news: The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people [and] in defense of the NATO Alliance,” Harris said Saturday in remarks at the Democratic National Committee’s winter meeting.

What she’s saying: “When I was meeting with our allies, I emphasized that the greatest strength that we share is unity, especially at this moment, as we stand together in defense of democracy and stand together in defense of each other,” Harris said Saturday.

  • “Russia’s invasion threatens not just Ukraine’s democracy, it threatens democracy and security across Europe. And by extension, when democracy is threatened anywhere, it threatens us all,” she said.
  • “Everything that you were watching on television I know makes you understand and feel the importance of this moment on many levels.”


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