In the Kodaikanal area, wildfires have been raging for the past few days.

Located in Dindigul District, Kodaikanal area is one of the best tourist destinations in Tamil Nadu.


The plants and trees in the forest have dried up as summer has started there now. Also, over the past two days, wildfires have started burning in some places, including Mayiladum Parai, up to Tokai. Subsequently, more than fifty foresters had been actively involved in extinguishing the fire.

Wind speed

Wildfires are spread rapidly over an area of ​​about 100 acres due to which many rare species of plants and trees have been destroyed. The spread of fire is also said to be increasing at times due to the speed of the wind on one side, as the entire Machur mountain range has become smoky.

Awareness Video

As a result, foresters are facing serious problems. The people of the area are also praying that the wildfire should be extinguished as soon as possible; serious efforts are also put by the forest department. Meanwhile, an awareness video of actor Karthi speaking has gone viral.

Enough spark

Speaking on the occasion, Karthi said, “Kodaikanal is a boon granted by nature to provide relief to us during summer. It is a dream destination for everybody from the young to the old. It is home to several flora and fauna. However, there is also a need for caution. The forests here are now in such a state that they can catch fire easily. Even a small spark is enough to start a fire. If a fire breaks out, there is a chance that along with the forests, the birds and animals in it could also be destroyed.”

Actor karthi awareness video viral after kodaikanal fire accident

“Therefore, I request all of you to be careful. Let us stand together with the Fire Service department in this fight against forest fires,” he concluded.

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