Ryan Reynolds on a potential Deadpool and Wolverine crossover: That would be a dream come true

Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool 3 says he is still hoping for a Hugh Jackman-Wolverine crossover and encourages fans to contact Kevin Feige to make it happen.

Ryan Reynolds discussed Deadpool 3 production with ComicBook.com while promoting The Adam Project. Though he hasn’t revealed anything about the long-awaited threequel, he has confirmed his desire for having Shawn Levy direct the MCU film and finally getting his Hugh Jackman Wolverine crossover. Ryan said as per ComicBook, “That would be amazing. I say write to Kevin Feige, care of Marvel Cinematic Universe at whatever Buena Vista Way. I don’t know where it is, but yeah, that would be nice. That would be a dream. That would be a dream come true.”

However, since the failed first try in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, audiences have been yearning for Reynolds’ Deadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine to cross over on the big screen, with both stars actively campaigning for it to happen. Hopes for a Wolverine-Deadpool crossover have also grown over the years, thanks to Reynolds and Jackman’s continuing good-natured feud, which the latter recently interrupted to laud the former’s performance in The Adam Project. 

Though Jackman has downplayed the possibility of a Wolverine return following the events of Logan, co-star Patrick Stewart initially expressed disinterest in reprising his Professor X role, only for a recent trailer of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness seemingly confirming his return, leaving the door open for Jackman to return if the narrative entice him. Only time will tell as work on Deadpool 3 proceeds ahead of its rumoured late-fall 2022 production start.


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