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Target raises top base pay to $24/hour

Target is setting a higher starting wage range for hourly workers and expanding access to health care benefits for another 20% of its workforce.

Why it matters: The hike comes amid a battle for hourly workers across retail, including AmazonWalmart and Kroger.

Details: The company said it will start workers between $15 to $24 per hour depending on the job and the local market.

  • The new range will apply to workers in its stores, supply chain facilities and headquarters locations.

Target said it is also expanding employee access to its health care benefits by lowering the minimum hours worked for eligibility to 25 from 30.

  • That change is expected to kick in in April.

The big picture: Target established a $15 minimum wage in 2020, so the expanded starting wages announced today will apply to workers in more competitive labor markets and for specific job roles.


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