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Russia surpasses Iran to become world’s most sanctioned country

Julia Shapero

Russia is now the world’s most sanctioned country, after other nations responded to its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine with sanctions.

By the numbers: Russia has faced 2,778 new sanctions in just under two weeks, according to the Castellum.AI dashboard, which tracks sanctions against Russia.

  • Russia faced 2,754 sanctions before Feb. 22, making it the second-most sanctioned country in the world behind Iran. However, since President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into eastern Ukraine on Feb. 21, sanctions against Russia have skyrocketed to 5,532.
  • In comparison, Iran has faced 3,616 sanctions, primarily for its nuclear program and support of terrorism, according to Bloomberg. Syria and North Korea follow closely behind Iran with 2,608 and 2,077 sanctions, respectively.

The big picture: The flood of sanctions comes from the U.S. and its Western allies, who have demonstrated significant unity in the face of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine.

  • The historically neutral Switzerland leads other countries in the number of sanctions it has lobbied against Russia, with 568 sanctions. Alongside Switzerland, the European Union, France, Canada, Australia and the U.S. make up the vast majority of countries sanctioning Russia.
  • Putin said over the weekend that the sanctions were akin to a declaration of war.


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