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How Rachel Siegel Became A Cryptocurrency Expert From Being A Simple School Teacher

Rachel Siegel founded the platform Crypto Finally to promote and distribute her content

Rachel Siegel is today a big name in the world of cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency influencer is the founder of Crypto Finally, a platform where she promotes and distributes her content for mass adoption of the virtual currency. Now, she earns profits reaching the low seven-figure range, according to a New York Post report. Siegel also has experience as a production and marketing specialist with 12 years of professional experience in film, theatre, commercial and live events. She works towards the expansion of the blockchain industry without making it look drab.

Instead, she strives towards “mass adoption of common consumer culture through entertainment targeting millennial audiences”, according to her LinkedIn profile. Siegel is today “a speaker and vocal advocate of the blockchain space”.

But Siegel had started from humble grounds. According to the New York Post report, she worked as a substitute public school teacher in New York City.

Siegel also went to college for theatre. She claims in a statement that she had no “serious technical knowledge” about cryptocurrency.

Things took a turn in 2017 when she was invited to the after-party of a cryptocurrency conference. After that party, Siegel decided to make her first investment in the currency.

Usually, she would invest whatever remained from her patches. This would result in an investment of around $25 a week.

Now, owing to her profits from her cryptocurrency investments, Siegel has left her aching job. She said in a statement, “It was scary at first to leave that income stream. But there’s so much opportunity in this space.”

Her platform Crypto Finally has over 85,000 global followers who support her today. You can find her video content at YouTube, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram. She has now turned into a full-time cryptocurrency influencer.

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