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Twitter testing a feature to let people reply to tweets with new threads

Twitter may soon let you reply to tweets with separate threads, allowing for detailed conversations while not hindering the original post.

Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature that would allow users to reply to tweets with a whole new tweet thread of their own. This is helpful for those who intend to have conversations that slightly start straying away from the main topic, without hindering them.

Twitter engineer Jan Manchun Wong shared a screenshot of the new interface, that lets people add to their tweet thread. Currently, it is not clear how the company looks to handle notifications, in a way that it does not affect the original poster or other users following the tweet.

The new feature is also ideal for users who prefer having long, detailed conversations where the 280 character limit is not enough. Those interested can continue on that one thread, preventing the original tweet and interactions from getting messy.

There also seems to be no limit to how often one can reply to their thread, as evidenced by the screenshot, which hints at 1366 tweets in response to the original.

A report also suggested that the company might be testing a ‘Leave this conversation’ button. It is helpful when you are unwillingly dragged into a conversation that you have no interest in being part of. Up until now, users would have to mute entire conversations, but this new feature would untag the username, stop any future mentions, and prevent notifications from popping up.

The feature is currently in the testing phase and might take a while before it gets a stable app release on Android and iOS.


Twitter testing a feature to let people reply to tweets with new threads. (File)

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