Lil Dicky, Cardi B Star in Super Bowl “Quartertime Show” Teaser

The ‘Dave’ star is determined to “put on the fastest show anyone’s ever put on” between the big game’s first and second quarters.

Lil Dicky announced Monday (Feb. 7) that if he can’t perform at the Super Bowl halftime show, then he’ll make his own quartertime show instead.

That’s the message behind the rapper’s commercial for his upcoming “Quartertime Show” with Gopuff “It’s a show that exists between the first and second quarter. Interesting. Innovative. I know, I know,” Lil Dicky explains in the clip. “Now, there’s not the same amount of time in between the first and second quarter as there is at halftime, so I’m gonna have to put on the fastest show anyone’s ever put on…And it’s gonna be spectacular.”

Of course, no show of any kind at the Super Bowl would be complete without special celebrity guests, and Lil Dicky pulls the perfect superstar out of his highly influential rolodex for the task — none other than Cardi B.

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