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Concept artist reimagines the Macintosh for modern-day

Concept designer Ian Zelbo has created a modern-day render of the original Macintosh – equipped with an M2 chip, an in-display webcam with notch, and input/output ports.

Concept designer Ian Zelbo, who is previously known for working with leakers like Jon Prosser has created a modern-day reimagining of the original Macintosh. The design renders tastefully blends the old and the new, by preserving the aesthetics and adding a webcam, HDMI, and USB Type-C ports.

“Nostalgia is a very strong emotion, as shown by the number of successful retro consoles and crowdfunded projects launched in the past few years,” said Zelbo in an interview with Yanko Designs. “- they also serve as inspiration for new ideas, like this Macintosh concept that brings the past to the present in some interesting ways.”

Zelbo stated that he was not around when the original Macintosh made its rounds in the 1980s, but was well aware of how influential the product was. Just like the original Mac, the screen protrudes out a little, with an array of modern ports right below it. The bezels have been kept thick, with a slim body, representing the recent 24-inch iMac computer monitor.

The webcam is holstered in the screen itself, with a tiny display notch in the centre. For input/output, there seems to be an HDMI port, a USB Type-C, a card reader, and four Lightning ports – in place of the floppy disk drive. The bottom-left corner also features the ancient, rainbow-coloured Apple logo, while on-screen, you see the “hello” written in cursive, as opposed to the standard script seen on the classic Macintosh.

The product description also states that the computer is powered by the new M2 chipset, though it might never be picked up by Apple any time soon. Released in 1984, the original Macintosh was the first successful all-in-one desktop computer to feature a GUI (graphical user interface), built-in screen, and a mouse. The device has gone through multiple redesigns in the following years, and still continues to be the eye-candy among Apple enthusiasts.

Later this year, the company is expected to launch a new MacBook Pro, featuring the aforementioned M2 processor, alongside other products.


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