China’s forex market transacts $3.08 trillion in January

China’s foreign exchange (forex) market recorded transactions of 19.45 trillion yuan ($3.08 trillion) in January, official data showed on Friday.

Specifically, the transaction volume of the client market totaled 3.32 trillion yuan last month, while that of the interbank market was 16.13 trillion yuan, said the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

In terms of products, the cumulative transaction volume of the spot market was 6.52 trillion yuan, and that of the derivatives market was 12.93 trillion yuan in January.

In addition, China’s international trade in services rose 37 percent year on year to 501.4 billion yuan in January, according to the forex authority. 

Trade in transportation, commercial, travel and telecommunication services reached 194.8 billion yuan, 89.2 billion yuan, 83.6 billion yuan, and 54.7 billion yuan last month, respectively.

China’s foreign exchange market records transactions of $3.08 trillion in January 2022. /CFP

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