Payal Ghosh: Being an actor is tough and risky too, we need backup plans

Actor Payal Ghosh believes having a plan B is crucial in an actor’s life to tread the uncertainties of the profession

BySugandha Rawal

Actor Payal Ghosh believes having a plan B is crucial in an actor’s life to tread the uncertainties of the profession. She also feels being efficient in it is equally important.

“It’s not only about how important it is [to have a plan B]. It is how efficiently one can do it. It should not be done just to make a quick buck,” Ghosh tells us.

Opening up about her own journey, the Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi (2017) actor opines, “I didn’t struggle when I came in (the film industry), so it wasn’t something I had to do to make a living. I waited for the right time and hit my entrepreneurial journey with a content platform (which deals with relationship, showbiz, fashion and beauty). The industry and the audience is ready and we have to deliver now. But to each one it’s different. I can’t say for all. But for me, I need to reach my highest potential and that’s where this side comes in.”

When it comes to working her way through as an actor, she says shooting amid the pandemic is very challenging.

“We are trying to find the best possible window to shoot and keeping everyone’s health in mind. People need to be safe and feel safe. That’s primary,” says the 32-year-old, adding, “It’s been difficult as an actor. It has halted our careers a bit but there is only so much one could do about it.”

Ghosh, who is busy shooting her upcoming film New York To Haridwar, points out that the industry is suffering severely due to the crisis, and is waiting for things to get back to its feet soon.

“The advertisement money has dried, the theatres are running at very low capacity, if at all and the audience is spending less whereas the need for content is huge. The risks of shooting are high. So all these factors together have impacted our lives and the industry as a whole. But no one knows how to bounce back better than us. We will be stronger and bigger when the dust settles down,” she ends.

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Actor Payal Ghosh is pepped up to start her entrepreneurial journey

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