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How the ‘problem-solver’ Jasprit Bumrah thought out Babar Azam and took out Rizwan

Not for him, the showman’s urge to shove out a batsman with a dreamy delivery fabricated out of thin air. That Bumrah’s deliveries have nuances of dreaminess is a matter of fact; not a deliberate conscious chase of the spectacular.

Five years ago while watching Jasprit Bumrah wreak havoc in the Caribbean, the West Indian pace legend Curtly Ambrose was moved enough to purr on the most admirable facet of the Indian’s craft. “The way he out-thinks the batsmen, outclasses them,” before adding, “he could have been one of us, he’s so complete a bowler that he could have played in any era.”

Five years later, after thrusting the knife into the Pakistanis and turning a T20 World game in a New York minute, Bumrah would echo that singular bowling character trait of his: “I try to solve the problem that is there in front of me. I know its cliched answer but I was trying to focus on what is the best options over here on a wicket like this … I am not looking at whether I am bowling at the best of my ability.”

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