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Google Drive update improves video loading time and search experience

Google is rolling out a new update for Drive that will automatically adjust the video quality, which will help reduce the loading time when watching videos.

Google Drive, one of the most used cloud storage solutions worldwide is getting a new update to improve the video loading time. The tech giant also announced it is ‘enhancing search’ within the app.

In a blog post, Google says it is adding support for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, also known as DASH. The new functionality enables adaptive bitrate playback and automatically changes video resolution depending on the quality of the network.

Google says a result of these changes will be an improvement in the amount of time it takes from clicking play to starting playback and a reduction in re-buffering when playing the video at normal or higher speeds.Google DriveYou can now search by file type and use multiple filters. (Image Source: Google)

While DASH will be automatically applied to new videos uploaded on Google Drive, the tech giant says existing videoswill be updated sometime by the end of the year.

In addition to enhancing video loading times, the tech giant is also improving the search experience on iOS devices, with support for the Android app coming sometime later. The Google Drive search bar is getting three new filters – Type, People and Modified. While the People tab will display files from your recent contacts, Type sorts files according to their type and Modified lists them by date recency.

Google says the new features are currently available to Workspace customers, Workspace Individual subscribers and those with personal Google accounts.

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