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Elon Musk says select X users will get free access to Premium and Premium+ features

Elon Musk’s X is offering free Premium and Premium+ subscription benefits to users with a high number of verified followers.

Elon Musk on Thursday announced that X, previously Twitter will expand Premium and Premium+ subscription features to eligible users for free of cost. In an X post, Elon Musk wrote, “Going forward, all 𝕏 accounts with over 2500 verified subscriber followers will get Premium features for free, and accounts with over 5000 will get Premium+ for free.”

Anyone with over 2500 verified subscriber followers will get free access to premium features. A profile must have over 2,500 followers who have a paid subscription to X. Similarly, those who have over 5000 verified subscribers will receive all the benefits of a Premium+ subscription free of cost.

It’s important to note that if a profile has a subscriber base of over 2,500 users, X won’t offer premium features. Instead, one needs to have over 2,500 verified users who have paid for either Basic, Premium, or Premium+ subscriptions.

Premium and Premium+ subscriptions offer features such as access to GrokAI, a blue checkmark, the ability to make longer posts, and more. Additionally, Premium subscribers will see fewer ads, while Premium+ users will experience an ad-free X. Until a few days ago, GrokAI was limited to only Premium+ subscribers, but it’s now available for Premium subscribers as well. The latest AI chatbot by xAI is limited to over 48 countries, including India.

Currently, when subscribed from a desktop, a Premium subscription costs Rs 650 a month, and the more expensive Premium+ subscription is priced at Rs 1,300. Soon, users with a larger number of followers will be able to enjoy more features on X for free of cost.

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